Here are a selection of questions which I hope you find useful. Of course if you have others then please get in touch.

If I have a celebrant lead ceremony do I still need to register our marriage?

Yes. All marriages in England still need to be legally registered by the state in a licensed venue. This can be done very simply and inexpensively at your local registry office before, on the morning of, or even after your celebrant lead ceremony. Your best bet is to contact your local authority.

Do you work with specific types of people?

I hope from reading this website that the answer to this is obvious. But in the interests of being really clear; I’d love to hear from you whatever your age, gender, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Love is love.

I really want a religious ceremony, with song or hymn in the service, is that doable?

Of course. Working with an independent celebrant means we’re free to incorporate almost anything into your ceremony.

That said, as a person without specific religious affiliation, it might not feel appropriate for me to deliver very involved or specific religious rituals. But we can talk very openly about these things, and there is often a way round. For example, by inviting specific family or friends to participate with particular elements.

Our cultural and/or religious backgrounds are very different, how can we reflect both in our wedding ceremony?

This is part of the fun! We will discuss the challenges of this when we meet, whether there might be sensitivities amongst family and friends, and what elements might work in the ceremony to best represent this magnificent coming together of cultures.

We like the symbolic nature of some traditions, but find them a little old fashioned. What can we do?

Some people find some traditional aspects (such as the bride being ‘given away’ by the father, same sex groom and bridal parties, or the naming of ‘god parents’) not right for them. Not a problem. We can adapt things so that we can balance retaining their symbolic importance, with ensuring an appropriate delivery for you.

We want something which is really out there, can you help us do that?

I absolutely welcome people who want to really break the mould with their do, and with my background and experience, this may be where I add most value. I’d love to hear what you’re planning…

What things will you not do?

I’m a very open minded person and I can’t think of an example of something as I type this, but I probably do have limits. As with everything else, we’ll just talk very openly and honestly, and if anything comes up I’ll be really clear about any reservations I might have.I might be able to recommend another celebrant who is a better fit.

We’ve changed our mind about you, or indeed about our do. Can we get our deposit back?

I’m afraid the deposit at the time of confirming the booking is non-refundable. By this point the date will have been locked in for me and I’ll likely have been working on the order of service and draft script for your ceremony.

We just want it to be the two of us at our ceremony. Is that ok?

That sounds lovely. We can work out exactly what elements you’d like my participation in, to make it right for you.

Want to ask something else? Please get in touch.